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HKIC 2018

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Thank you for your interest in HKIC. We look forward to having you join our team. Priority Deadline for applications: April 15h, 23:59 EST. Applications will be evaluated on a rolling basis.

What is HKIC?

Harvard Keio Initiative for Creators (HKIC) is an international exchange program which provides the opportunity to enhance cultural sensitivity and a platform for open exchange of ideas. This program bring together Harvard University students with Japanese students from universities in Japan including Keio University and Tokyo University. The principal aim of this one-week program is to develop the creative and innovative potential of participants through exploring the history and culture of Japan as well as acquiring knowledge on the pressing political and social issues of the country.

Why creators?

What we primarily focus on this program is to produce "creators". While technological advances and rapid globalization has brought immense benefits in certain fields, it has also made the society much more complicated, requiring people to make prompt and accurate decisions. Therefore, it is essential that the workers of future generations have not only knowledge on the existing issues, but also have a high level of predicting skills and comprehensive problem solving skills. We are aiming to produce creators that can find certain potential issues and offer feasible solutions for them as well.

Why Japanese culture?

How many students can easily tell the strong points of their own county? In this era of globalization, in seems that a lot of Japanese college students have a strong admiration for Western culture without taking any prides in its own country’s culture. One reason of this phenomenon is that, there are very few opportunities to reconsider or even realize the strength of its own culture. Therefore, we believe that by offering them the opportunity to interact with Harvard students who have strong interest in Japanese culture and sees Japan from a different perspective, we think that we would truly inspire them. We consider that it is essential for Japanese to understand the strong aspects of Japanese culture and devise solutions that are based on them in order for Japan to achieve sustainable economic growth.


  • The theme for this year is “Branding Japan” in preparation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.
  • By 2020, Japan is likely to face many tasks such as developing a global workforce and AI technology, and improving the transportation systems. We would like to have discussions with Harvard students based on the aforementioned tasks and are aiming to reach for solutions, ultimately figuring out the way to transmit good aspects of Japan toward foreign countries.


  • Schedule: 8/20-8/26
  • Location: Tokyo
  • Participants 15 Harvard students, 15 Japanese students (Tokyo university and Keio university)

Application Requirements (Harvard Students)

  • You have to be a college student. Regardless of your grade and major
  • Person who has strong interests in Japanese culture and social problems in Japan is required.
  • Person who is cooperative and aiming to be a global leader in the future.
  • Able to support recruiting and debriefing session at Harvard.

Application Requirements (Keio Students)

  • Students from Tokyo University or Keio University.
  • Having certain English ability. (Check through essay and interview)
  • Person who is eager to play an active role globally or having strong interests in cross-cultural exchange.
  • Able to participate in the events or networking before and after this program.

Selection Term

  • 4/1 First Recruitment
  • 4/15 23:59 Deadline of First Recruitment
  • 4/15 Second recruitment
  • 4/30 23:59 Deadline of Second Recruitment

Selection Process (Same for Japan and Harvard):

  • The first stage exam: Document screening
  • The second stage exam: Interview (In some cases Skype)

Study sessions

  • In order to ensure quality of the final output, we would like to hold several study sessions. The details are as follows:
  • As for Harvard students, to make them well understood in what kinds of outputs they yeild.
  • As for Japanese students, to be able to provide enough knowledge on Japanese society to Harvard students + to learn about marketing
  • In addition, for participants to get to know each other


  • 6/3 (Sun) JST 10:00, 6/2 (Sat) Massachusetts Time 20:00 - Networking event between Harvard students and Japanese students (via Skype)
  • 6/15 (Fri) Massachusetts Time 17:00 Deadline - Harvard students submit their pre-program assignment
  • 6/16 (Sat) JST 10:00-20:00 - Japanese students 1. Learn about marketing strategy 2. Do a presentation on the theme “What I can say about Japan” (in English) and then give feedback to each other - The objective is to make Japanese students have their own opinion towards Japanese society or culture and be able to thoroughly convey that to Harvard students
  • 6/16 (Sat) Massachusetts Time 18:00
  • 6/17 (Sun) JST 10:00, 6/16 (Sat) Massachusetts Time 20:00 - Split into groups of five, which results in a total of six groups
  • 7/1 (Sat) JST 10:00, 6/30 (Sat) Massachusetts Time 20:00 - Each group does a presentation and give feedback to each other
  • 7/15 (Sat) JST 10:00, 7/14 (Sat) Massachusetts Time 20:00 - Do a second round of presentation based on the feedbacks
  • 8/22 (Mon) to 8/28 (Sun) - The main program of HKIC
  • ※1: The schedule is subject to change in order to ensure participation of as much participants as possible

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Tokyo, Japan

Program Dates

August 20th - 26th, 2018


All program expenses are covered.

Application Deadline

April 15th , 23:59 EST
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