02 About us

What is HKIC?

The Harvard Keio Initiative for Creators (HKIC) is a week-long fully subsidized summer program in Japan that aims to bring Harvard students to Tokyo to explore the history, culture and food of the fascinating city as well as explore the pressing social-issues of the country. Created in partnership with students from the Keio University, this program does not require students to teach or to enroll in any kind of community service in Japan; rather, they are required to bring an open mind and heaps of curiosity.

2016 marks the inaugural year of this program; we hope you join us to become one of the first "Creators" of our program.

What we believe

  1. We believe in connecting the future leaders of the world in an active and dynamic environment of learning.
  2. We believe in promoting cross-cultural understanding through a first-hand experience of the "Soft Power" and "Creative Culture" of the country.
  3. We believe that having fun is the best way to learn!